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finally! all 51 levels!

i remember starting this a year ago when i didn't have an account and deemed every level past lvl 30 "unsolvable". glad to see that my puzzle skill has increased, and thank you for the hour of fun i had today (not including your other games, which i am still working on)

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after beating the game, i think i have a pretty good idea of how the "r" symbol works (rot13 spoiler:) 

nal gvyrf gung vf va gur fnzr ebj be pbyhza nf vg pna bayl or pbeare cvrprf, naq pna abg unir nal vagrefrpgvbaf

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I enjoyed this a lot, and the final level was very cute. There was one subtlety to a couple of the rules that had me stumped for a while - sneaky!

Do you have a link for modding? I had an idea for a level I wanted to test

Here is a link to the code:

It just doesn't have level select because I am unable to share a hack link from that specific fork of PuzzleScript. 

video (you've seen it though) :)

Ohhhhh, I didn't get what happened in 51 at first but now I do. Cute

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What the heck are you supposed to do when you get to the part where it's the "r" symbol

I have no idea what it means I get that it's like, the pause symbol,'s still...very unclear to me.


I've finished the game but still find the 'r' rule a little fuzzy tbh. Practically speaking, I'd focus on levels 33 and 34 for getting the gist of what's required. For me at least, Level 32 wasn't that helpful for ruling things out, which ended up obfuscating the rule.


I'm getting the same problem too !

This time it's on the "=" symbol.


I rot13ed what I belive "=" means.

"=" zrnaf gung rknpgyl gjb fgenvtug yvar ner va gur fnzr yratug. Vs gjb bs gur yvarf unir gur fnzr  yratug, ab bgure bar qbrf vs gurer vf abg nabgure "=" flzoby.


Unless I managed to misapprehend a rule that worked, it is much, much simpler than that! Level 27 is the place you can start to understand it properly, as the symbol can see two cardinal directions (the previous two levels that introduce it restrict the symbol to one direction)

I've rot13'd a very light clue below:

guvax bs gur e naq gur rdhnyf nf vzcbfvat n erdhverzrag ba gur yvarf gung gurl pna frr (qba'g sbetrg gurl pna frr guebhtu jnyyf).

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Level 28 is already looking impossible because of the L wall.

Level 18 looks impossible. How can I beat it 


What aspect is making you think it's impossible? (I want to try to assist in a non-spoilery way)

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The 3 in the edge. 


I think you might have drawn the wrong inference about what the rule for numbers is. The wrinkle in this level is how to satisfy the rule for the three without compromising the application of the rule to the two, which then dictates the way the thread has to move through the SW portion of the level. The position of the three in this case means there's only one way to satisfy the rule here, as was also the case for level 16.

If you're super, super stuck, I've rot13ed what I believe the rule for the numbers is:

Gur ehyr sbe ahzoref vf gung gur guernq zhfg gbhpu gung gvyr ba gur fgngrq ahzore bs fvqrf, vtabevat qvntbanyf.


Thank you for your help ! I thought that the numbers said that the path must the straight in exactly X sides.


No problem :)

One strategy I found helpful was to repeat a run of levels leading up to the level I was stuck on and see if I could solve them in ways slightly adjacent to what I believed the rules to be. It reminded me a little of the treetop section of the Witness, as the precise rule can be partially hidden by the constraints of the early levels that introduce it.


I love this sort of game and yours is very much scratching that itch :)

One small thought though is whether you can address the friction in rule discovery caused by the puzzlescript engine automatically shunting you to the next level. I think Toombler's 'Secure' came up with a really elegant solution to that problem: the level itself communicates when the rules have been satisfied, and you can then press X to advance. The advantage of this is that you can spend time studying a solution you know to be correct (especially useful when you're revisiting old levels to see if further subtleties can be uncovered) and proceed to the next level when ready.